Mary Lou Crerar has a long and distinguished art career. Painting in oils, acrylics, watercolours and Japanese Sumi-e, Mary Lou has a vast array of artwork which is now available to the public.

Fog, Barkley Sound 1997
Whiffen Spit 1992

Growing up on the west coast of Canada, Mary Lou's father worked at the Lake Buntzen powerhouse on Burrard Inlet. Mary Lou was raised in this remote and very beautiful area. Her art talents were evident as a child. Mary Lou went on to the University of British Columbia to study geography, where her drawing talents were useful.

The lonely coastal areas of B.C. and the majestic Rockies have been extensively documented in Mary Lou's paintings. Mary Lou has painted in Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia and Japan and this large selection of paintings is sure to appeal to many people.

New for 2012

Mary Lou Crerar has turned her talents to documenting her many adventures painting. Two new e-books are available from Smashwords.
Journal of Alien #25: A Painter in Pakistan
West Coast Sketchbook: Paint Brush Sketches and Tales of a Field Artist
Painter in Pakistan   West Coast Sketchbook

Westcoast Rockies Abroad Watercolours Bio
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