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Her understanding of what makes up a landscape is enhanced by her B.A. degree in Geography/Geology from the University of British Columbia. She attended the Vancouver School of Art where she studied with Molly Lamb Bobak. Crerar won the Leon and Thea Koerner Scholarship to the U.B.C. School of Fine Arts to study with Jacques de Tonnacour.

She studied Japanese Brush Painting with Kaz Hamasaki and Priest Tanahashi. In oriental paintings the principal of a moving focus is used. Thus one might travel through miles of landscape in the joyous moods of spring, the green and moist moods of summer and the serene moods of winter.

One-Person Shows

1965- Georgia Gallery , Vancouver, B.C.
1969- University Women's Club of Ottawa, Ont.
1976-Kay Lines Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1978-Tiki Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1981-Fireweed Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.
1982-Multicultural Heritage Centre, Stony Plains, Alta.
1983-Fireweed Gallery, Edmonton Alta.
1984-Fireweed Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.
1985-Fireweed Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.
1986-Asian Centre, U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.
1987-Faculty Club, U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.
1994-Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, B.C.

Group Shows
1956-Victoria Art Gallery
1956- Victoria Art Gallery 1957-Vancouver Art Gallery
1958-Vancouver Art Gallery -Coste House, Calgary, Alta.
Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, Calgary, Alta.
1960-Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, B.C.
-Burnaby Art Society, Burnaby, B.C.
1961-Seattle Art Museum, USA
-Lady Dunn International Exhibition, Fredericton, N.B.
-Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, B.C.
1962-Burnaby Art Society, Burnaby, B.C.
1963-Academy of Sumi-e, Osaka, Japan.
1970-University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario.
1986- Alpine Trail Artist's, T.H. Morgan Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.
1987- Alpine Trail Artist's, T.H. Morgan Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.
1988- Alpine Trail Artist's, Gilbert and Cole Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1989- Alpine Trail Artist's, The Village Square Gallery, Carp, Ont.
1996- Canada's Group of Women, Winchester Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1998- Three Canadian Women, Goward House, Victoria, B.C.

Alberta Art Foundation "Prairie Spring" triptych for travelling show of Alberta Landscape Artists.
Sunshine Village Art Foundation "Wa Wa Tarn" triptych .

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